Anxiety Treatment for Better Tomorrow – Part 2

Anxiety Treatment for Better Tomorrow – Part 2

At the outset, I would like to thank everyone who had gone through my earlier article and posted their valuable comments. In view of this huge response I was encouraged to post the second part of Anxiety Treatment for Better Tomorrow.

In part-1, I dealt mainly with the introduction for stress and anxiety and the existing Conventional treatment methods (drug and non-drug) in medical field. But unfortunately as most of us are aware of the fact that these methods have lot of limitations, which is mainly because of the ‘symptomatic’ approach to the anxiety problem.

Limitations of existing conventional treatments:

1) With Medicines:

  • Only Symptomatic Relief
  • Effective as long as on medication
  • Dependence &Side-effects on long term use

2) Without Medicines (counseling, psychotherapy, de-sensitization, other alternative methods)

  • Not effective as a therapeutic method.
  • Improvement is totally based on self-effort or practice and motivation.

Hence there is a dire need for a therapy which should be“scientific”, “medicine-free”, “without self-effort”, “treats the root-cause”& delivers “permanent cure”.

Is there any therapy which fulfills all there criteria???

Yes there is, regarding which we will discuss in my next post….

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