Diabetic Meditation Therapy


A unique method for better Diabetic Control
  • Are you suffering from Diabetes?
  • Are you unable to achieve good control even after taking medicines?

Yes. You have come to the right place!!!

Welcome to “Healing Guru” Dr. S. V. Prasad’s Diabetic Meditation Therapy— an effective complimentary method for better Diabetic control.   Our body possess a “Self-healing system” (Immune System) – comparable to our nervous, endocrine or circulatory systems. Irregularities in Self-Healing System of our body results in various health problems including diabetes. Diabetes……is a metabolic disorder in which the person has high blood sugar (high blood glucose) in our blood. Diabetes develops when either the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, or our body’s cells have become insensitive to insulin or both.

Yes. You have come to the right place!!!

Genetic and Non-Genetic Causes

In type2 diabetes non-genetic causes (Stress, Anxiety, Psychological, Environmental, Infections, Drugs, Chemical, Physical inactivity, obesity etc..,) plays a significant role.

Complications of Uncontrolled Diabetes

The long term effects of uncontrolled high blood sugar can affect our eyes, heart, kidney, nerves and throw open doors for every kind of health problems.

Dr. S.V.Prasad’s Guided Diabetic Meditation Therapy (GDMT)

In order to complement the regular medical treatment for better Diabetic control and avoid its complications a breakthrough method called Guided Diabetic Meditation Therapy (GDMT) is developed by “Healing Guru” Dr. S. V. Prasad M.B.B.S., M.D., D.Sc., PGDPC, M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Why Dr. S.V.Prasad’s GDMT

  • Scientific therapy without medicines.
  • No side-effects, no self-effort or practice.
  • Activates self healing power and regulates neuro-endocrine system.
  • Removes the non-genetic causes of diabetes.
  • Complements the regular medical treatment and helps in maintaining better blood-glucose levels.
  • Decreases the risk of complications.
  • Reduces dependency on diabetic medication.
  • Personal and online facility.
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Why we are the best


How Guided Diabetic Meditation Therapy (GDMT) Works?

In Guided Diabetic Meditation Therapy (GDMT) Dr. S. V. Prasad directs his healing ‘Theta’ vibrations at the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Karmic levels awakening our body’s latent Self-healing power, regulating Neuro-endocrine system and removing the non-genetic causes of Diabetes. Thus ‘GDMT’ complements the regular medical treatment, helps in maintaining better blood glucose levels, decreases the risk of complications associated with diabetes and contributes significantly to the overall health of a diabetic. However healthy diet, exercise, maintaining weight also helps in increasing the quality of life.

Procedure of Joining the Course

Before joining GDMT programme one has to get Diabetic specific ‘HbA1c’ (Glycosylated Haemoglobin) test done. Later the process begins with……

  • An Introduction about GDMT
  • Attending GDMT sessions personally or online conducted by Dr. Prasad.
  • Initial Course: 26 sessions @ 2 sessions per week within 100 days.


Process of GDMT

Unlike other meditations, ‘GDMT’ is simple, scientific & very effective and it doesn’t require one’s concentration or self-practice. During this guided meditation one will be asked to sit quietly with eyes closed. Within minutes Dr.Prasad while relaxing the individual or a group, goes into deeper level of consciousness himself and with his unique ability transmits his healing Theta thought vibrations. This awakens one’s dormant or inactive self-healing power to heal themselves.

What you expect after attending the Course (26 sessions)

You can observe the following benefits:

  • Better control of blood-glucose levels.
  • Decreased risk of complications.
  • Reduces dependency on diabetic medication.
  • Better Control of Stress & Anxiety,
  • Overall health & better quality of life.

A repeat Diabetic specific ‘HbA1c’ (Glycosylated Haemoglobin) test after the course and comparing with the previous test done before the course, will validate the results.

We believe, you will find it to be the END-OF-YOUR-SEARCH for something that really works. You don’t have to take our word for this-you can try and find out the improvement by yourself.