Distant Online Healing Therapy

Distant Online Healing Therapy


Dr. S.V. Prasad’s Online or Distant Online Healing Therapy:

Dr. S.V. Prasad is specialized in working remotely i.e., from a distance through Online (long distance / distant or non-local healing). This allows worldwide availability for help to individuals, who can’t come personally.

Sessions can be given while you are awake and resting, in a real time call. We maintain a high standard of ethics & integrity so you can feel confident that your session is treated with the utmost care, confidentiality & dedication.

How Distant Healing Works?
Also referred to as Online or Long distance or Remote Healing or Non-local Healing. It works on the premise that everything is connected by energy; thus distance is unimportant. Energy has no limitations or boundaries, making Long distance healing just as effective as healing sessions conducted in person. Long distance Healing is extremely effective & most recipients feel the energy almost immediately. Everything is energy and everything can be corrected with energy. In Long distance Healing the energies work on the subtle body of the person. It doesn’t work directly on the physical body of the person.