Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding how we work

Who can benefit from “Healing Guru” Dr. S. V. Prasad’s Therapy?

Dr. Prasad’s Therapy can benefit everyone, including children, students, housewives, businessmen, professionals, politicians etc, as there is no self-practice involved.

How Many Sessions are usually required for Improvement?

Depending on the individual case, the required number of sessions / duration is determined. One can start observing improvement within two weeks or 10 to 12 sessions (each session is of 15 to 20 min duration only)

How we get cured individually in group session though there are many people with different problems?

During the session, one’s own self healing mechanism gets activated irrespective of individual’s problem, attending the session whether in a group or in-person.

Do you use any products or machines?

No supplements or apparatus of any kind are used. All the work is done without physical contact or touching.

What can I expect to feel during a session?

The work is gentle, subtle, non-invasive & 100% safe. Some people feel sensations ranging from relaxation to tingling & heat. Some do not. The results are not dependent on experiences.

Are there any side effects in this therapy?

No, there are no side effects as this a very natural process of healing. However sometimes people experience a very temporary aggravation of their symptoms – this is a positive sign of healing & should not be considered as a problem.

Do I need to prepare in any special way before the session?

One has to be clear headed & not under the influence of alcohol or any similar substance.

Is there a belief system connected with Dr. Prasad's work?

No, the work is independent of any belief system. It is not necessary to change any of your present beliefs.

Will I need to meditate or pray during the session at all? What should one supposed to do while in Long Distant Therapy?

It is not necessary to meditate, pray, or to actively visualize. It is most important that you relax and do absolutely nothing.