How it Works

Dr. Prasad's Alternative Therapy Process

how it worksHuman system is an integration of body & mind. Both are inter- dependent and influence each other. Internal organs can work effectively only in a harmonious environment known as ‘Homeostasis’. Disturbances in Homeostasis result in health problems. Our body possesses a healing system-comparable to our nervous, endocrine or circulatory systems. When our self healing system is overly stressed or traumatized our mind through a series of responses tries to adapt. But if the mind is continuously exerted due to constant Stress, body’s resources are gradually depleted and it finally fails to adapt. Then the brain cannot remain in a healthy state long enough due to neuro-chemical imbalances resulting in physical, psychological, emotional & behavioral problems.

During this healing therapy Dr. Prasad induces his healing thought vibrations into an individual awakening our dormant self-healing power……..healing our body & mind quickly and absolutely without our self effort.

Healing therapy includes practical sessions each of about ‘15’ to ‘20’ minutes duration, conducted by Dr. Prasad himself. During these sessions one will be asked to sit quietly, with eyes closed without the subject’s active participation. Within minutes, Dr. Prasad induces incredibly deeper relaxed states of mind. These deep relaxed states, during these sessions the mind activates the self-healing mechanism & creates a Neuro-Chemical balance. The disturbed mind is gradually quietened; muscles relax, stress fades, and one comes back from these sessions rejuvenated Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

The number of recommended sessions is dependent on a number of factors such as age, physical state, medication that the patient is having if any. The recommendations on the site are general and are based on experience gained through the years of work. Each client will receive an individual therapy.

Do not discontinue medication prescribed to you by your doctor. Kindly do not make any changes in your medication without first consulting your doctor.

The therapy sessions are carried out only when you are sitting or lying down at complete rest or even during sleep.

Comparison between Drug Therapy and Dr. Prasad's Alternative Therapy.

S. No

Description Drug Therapy Dr. Prasad’s Alternative Therapy


METHOD Un Natural Natural





DURATION OF TREATMENT Usually months to Years

Usually Few Months only



Within a month*


SIDE-EFFECTS Yes, on long time use


6 DEPENDANCE Yes, on long time use


7 WITHDRAWAL  EFFECTS Yes, on long time use


8 RESULTS Symptomatic Relief.

Satisfactory in only some cases

Lasting Relief as it treats the root-cause of problem

*Results May Vary from case to case

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