How it Works

Our Method

Our body possesses a healing system-comparable to our nervous, endocrine or circulatory systems. When our self healing system is overly stressed or traumatized our mind tries its best to adapt. But if the mind is continuously exerted due to constant Stress, body’s resources are gradually depleted and it finally fails to adapt. Then the brain cannot remain in a healthy state long enough due to neuro-chemical imbalances resulting in physical, psychological, emotional & behavioral problems.

During the session we induce healing thought vibrations into an individual, awakening our dormant self-healing power. It improves our mind & body absolutely without our self effort.

Our method includes practical sessions of ‘20’ minutes duration, conducted by Saritha Prasad. During these sessions one will be asked to sit comfortably with eyes closed and relax. Within minutes, Saritha Prasad invokes & transmits yogic energy at will through her intention and induces incredibly deeper states of mind (Theta & Delta). During  these deep meditative states of mind,  the self-healing mechanism gets activated & creates a Neuro-Chemical balance. The disturbed mind is gradually quietened; muscles relax, stress fades, and one comes back from these sessions rejuvenated Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

These sessions are conducted both on one to one and group. The number of  sessions recommended depends on  age, severity of the problem and individual requirement.  Each client will receive  individual attention and support.

Note: If you are on Psychiatric medication kindly do not stop or change without consulting your doctor.