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Programming of sub-conscious mind

Human mind is a sleeping giant. During recent years, research in medicine & psychology has shown that the potential of our brain / mind is far greater than was generally imagined. Human mind can be compared with an iceberg. The visible part or the Conscious mind amounting to less than 10% & invisible part or Sub- Conscious mind more than 90%, which remains more or less untapped. On an average we use less than 10% of our mind – which means that an enormous amount of one’s capacity remains untapped. This untapped zone has all the skills to make us intelligent, all the creativity to make us talented & also all the riches to make us happy. So all the requirements for success are already deep within us. Research has revealed a surprising & interesting truth – the two hemispheres of brain handle different mental activities.

From the above it appears that the functions of the two brain hemispheres are specialized – they have different tasks to perform. Common sense tells us that there must be a reason for this, and the reason must be to allow one hemisphere to specialize in thinking (Right hemisphere) and the other to be used in taking action (Left hemisphere).Research has also revealed that the two brain hemispheres function in different frequencies; the right hemisphere or Sub-Conscious mind designed to think in ‘Alpha & Theta states’ of frequencies less than 14 cps & the left hemisphere or Conscious mind designed to put thoughts into action in ’Beta state’ of frequencies more than 14 cps.

Biologically, people use both brain hemispheres: The left brain hemisphere controls sensory and motor nerves on the right side of the body while the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body. But when it comes to intellectual abilities, people are using only half a brain, and they are using the least suitable half i.e. the left hemisphere, thus this could be the reason for our problems.Hence those who think and act with only the left brain hemisphere get sick more often with psycho-somatic health problems. They are more accident prone. They make more mistakes. They are less successful in life, whereas when people think with the right brain hemisphere and act with the left, the results are just opposite. Thus it is proved that for people to be healthier, happier, and more successful in life, and to make correct decisions more often than not, they need to learn how to think with the right hemisphere, at alpha, and then to act with the left hemisphere, at beta.As the Sub-Conscious mind or the right hemisphere of brain become active only at alpha & theta states, what we need now are the techniques to have an access to these states. Unfortunately, the existing methods like Meditation, Yoga etc. essentially requires an individual’s self-effort or practice over a long period of time, which itself has become a great limitation.In our system sub conscious program includes A) Sub Conscious clearance which effectively removes root cause of the problem. B) Sub Conscious programming according to the requirements of the individual.

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